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Learn from the Leaders: Business Analytics Innovation Summit

Attending the May 19-20 Business Analytics Innovation Summit in Chicago? We’re excited to join executives in the space and share unique insights on Behavioral Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Science and Analysis, and Predictive Modeling.

Below is a quick snapshot of 3 key sessions you don’t want to miss at the summit.

Thursday, 5/19/16 | From 9:30-10:00am 

A Profit Driven Analytics Agenda in Banking & Financial Services

Charlotte Tsou, SVP, Regional Head of Analytics & CRM at HSBC

HSBC will explore how banking & financial institutions can drive a revenue-centric organization. Check out this session to discover real-world case studies that reveal key data-driven transformations within Customer & Channel Analytics and CRM.

Thursday, 5/19/16 | From 4:30-5:30pm

The Future of Business Analytics

Panel among Industry Leaders

The business world is only beginning to harness the power of external data sources and learning how to gain actionable insights from them; but as knowledge in this area grows, analyzing the data found in these gargantuan repositories is expected to become an integral part of business intelligence. This panel should be an exciting session that will cover the future of business analytics and how it links in closely with advancing business intelligence.

Friday, 5/20/16 | From 9:30-10:00am

Breaking BI Barriers: Behavioral Analytics in the Age of Big Data

Mark Frigon, Director of Product Management for Behavioral Analytics at Platfora

Organizations struggle to develop a truly integrative, 360 degree view of their customers. They desire to understand patterns of customer behaviors across all online and offline touchpoints as well as learn not just “what” is happening, but also “why” and “how” it impacts the organization. But traditional data warehousing and BI approaches cannot keep pace with the size and complexity of data and these tools seldom offer appropriate ways to quickly visualize behavioral data. Furthermore, they cannot provide the necessary granular-level access to individual customer sessions or devices for marketing, personalization, and remediation. Fortunately, the combination of behavioral analytics and big data technologies can give organizations more actionable insights beyond just directional aggregate performance measures. In this session, learn what distinguishes behavioral analytics from traditional approaches, how big data technologies can enable organizations to derive maximum insights, and how behavioral analytics on big data can deliver a 360 view of the customer at an unprecedented scale.

Find Answers to your Questions: Drill Down into Data Patterns and Behaviors

Come visit us in the showcase area at any time to learn how behavioral analytics on Platfora can help you improve your existing BI investment by identifying patterns only possible with behavioral analytics.

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