Big data analytics Iceberg

Big data is much bigger
than you think.

Today most companies that think they’re using big data aren’t. Without realizing it, they’re seeing only a fraction of what they have. They can’t bring different varieties of data together. And, most important, they’re not getting the insights they need to make better decisions.

If getting more from your big data is important to you,
here are six things you should know.

Small Data

Big Data

Big data analytics Iceberg

Multistructured data is multiplying.

Only Platfora helps you extract meaning from the ever-increasing volumes and varieties of data, especially the data most organizations struggle to understand-the data they can't see that's just below the waterline.


Platfora puts “big” back into big data.

Bad news: Your current BI tools are making your big data small. They’re showing you only a glimpse of the data you really have at your disposal. And they’re forcing you to rely on IT every time—even to ask the simplest questions.


Ask more hard questions. Lots more.

Platfora lets you ask the questions that matter most to your business, such as examining new segments or looking for patterns of behavior. And because you don’t need IT or coding each time, you can iterate to your heart’s content.


Bigger should never mean slower.

With Platfora, the power to extract meaning from your data doesn’t come at the expense of speed. No matter how big you need to scale, your insights arrive in time to make a difference—not weeks or months after the fact.


We’re democratizing big data.

Why should advanced users have all the fun? Platfora enables regular people (those of us without “Data Scientist” in our title) to answer big questions, share deep insights, and collaborate in real time. No silos allowed here.


Built on a Hadoop foundation.

To drill this deep into your data, you need a strong core. Platfora was built 100% natively on Hadoop. Which means that today there is, literally, no kind of data out there that is beyond your team’s reach.

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