An open and innovative platform built for modern data.

Platfora is the first big data discovery platform designed for modern data. It natively leverages the best open source technologies, including Hadoop and Spark. And, it handles any kind of data, no matter where it lives.

Platfora Big Data Discovery

Platfora offers proprietary features like self-service data prep, in-memory acceleration and visualization engines to help business users and data scientists make big data smart and useful. And last (but certainly not least), Platfora provides enterprise-class security and governance to keep data secure.

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Platfora Lenses.
See more with greater and faster focus.

Platfora Lenses offer layers of ingenuity so you can slice and dice data at the speed of thought. First, they’re built using Hadoop and Spark and can encode petabytes of enriched and distilled raw data. Second, they’re optimized for high-performance, in-memory processing using specialized algorithms that leverage parallelism within and across processing nodes. Result? Ultrafast interactive analysis and insight.

Easy Management

A graphical builder interface and automatic maintenance during incremental data loading make lenses easy to manage and maintain.


Smart caching, reuse of computed results, and automatic resource allocation allow scalability to large production environments.

Endless possibilities.
Blazingly fast.
Thank you, Spark.

As the first Big Data Discovery platform to natively incorporate Apache Spark, Platfora is way ahead in leveraging the power of this vibrant distributed processing framework. Platfora incorporates Spark computations under the hood to make data preparation and profiling interactive, while data engineers can specify complex transformations by directly incorporating SparkSQL-based transforms into the data transformation pipeline. And when newer versions of Spark become available, Platfora is ready to embrace them as well.

The sky isn’t the limit.

Bring full-throttle Big Data Discovery to your organization without having to re-architect your infrastructure. Our software runs directly on the Cloudera, Hortonworks, or MapR Hadoop cluster, leveraging your existing hardware and YARN to manage the application. If the cloud is your thing, Platfora uses the native APIs of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform. Built-in provisioning capabilities allow you to deploy dedicated hardware nodes as well.

Platfora Vizboards.
Scalable, sharable, and fast visualizations.

Be quick on the draw, and then some, with Platfora Vizboards™. A web-based visual analysis environment purpose-built for Big Data Discovery, Vizboards offer intricate and vibrant visualizations and tables. Vizboards maintain sub-second interactivity—even with millions of marks on the screen—thanks to our Aurora™ visualization engine. Optimized for Big Data Discovery, Vizboards offer visual segment creation and specialized visualizations to deeply understand the behaviors locked in your data.

Support for any kind of data.
Wherever it lives.

No matter what kind of data you have or where it lives, Platfora can handle it. Platfora supports raw files in XML, JSON, log, delimited, and other formats right out of the box, and, of course, handles data directly in Impala, HBase, Hive, and other big data systems. Coming from an RDBMS source or a cloud service such as Salesforce, Google, or Zendesk? Platfora has you covered there, too.



Behavioral Analytics + Traditional BI = Data Discovery