Big Data Analytics for All

It used to be easy to draw a line between who in the organization needs access to analytics and who doesn’t. In today’s data-saturated business environment, that distinction is much harder to make.

These days, analytics users occupy a broad range of roles. From technicians to line managers to the executive suite, from sales to shipping to HR, more business decision-makers rely on analytics capability than ever before. Recognizing this changing landscape, Platfora brings analytics to many different kinds of users throughout the organization. Examples include Data Scientists, Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), Chief Product Officers (CPOs) and Line of Business (LOB) Owners. Let’s look at how Platfora’s Big Data Analytics capability supports the distinct requirements of some of those very different users.

The Data Scientist

Creating Insights Through Advanced Analysis

As a Data Scientist, you know that the business relies on you to provide insight through the deepest possible analysis of the data. Data visualization tools designed for business users provide significant capability, but are not always adequate for what you need to do. Your expertise is in statistical modeling and solving advanced data problems, not necessarily MapReduce or Hive programming. With Platfora you can join, transform and combine the data to meet your most exacting requirements. You can then either view the data in Platfora or make it available to downstream tools such as R. Platfora provides flexibility and advanced capabilities for data scientists, including:
  • Expression Language An extensive expression language enables you to easily perform complex data transformations.
  • Programmatic Query Access A unique query access capability that is easy to learn and that enables you to leverage your SQL knowledge and skills to define powerful and precise queries to natively access raw data in Hadoop.
  • Event Series Processing The ability to leverage deep processing in Hadoop to analyze behavior and external events over time for large data sets.
  • Segmentation A 360-degree view of customer attributes and behavior across multiple fact tables.
  • Data Export Static data capture, which enables you to export your Hadoop analysis to a CSV or HDFS file to integrate into other production workflows.

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Growing the Business One Customer at a Time

As Chief Marketing Officer, your job is to implement the strategy that leads to ongoing growth. Nothing is more crucial to that growth than building and expanding customer relationships. You need insight into the full customer lifecycle, from identifying the most promising leads to making sure you retain the most valuable long-term customers. Platfora provides insights into the full customer lifecycle:
  • Marketing Channel Effectiveness With a consolidated view across data from all your marketing channels, plus advanced segmentation capability, you can pinpoint the channels that are bringing you the best (and worst) return for your money.
  • Omni-Channel Pathway Optimization Synthesize data from all customer touchpoints to identify pathways, model alternative routes, and discover the hidden triggers and roadblocks that lead to, or prevent, your customers taking the next step.
  • Purchase Affinity Analysis With Platfora, you can easily create segments based on purchase history, preferences, and demographics. By defining key affinities, you can increase the likelihood that a customer will buy and decrease the costs associated with making that happen.
  • Customer Churn Analysis Consolidate data from multiple sources indicating causes and warning signs of customer departure, such as diminished activity, delays in renewals or negative comments on social media. Platfora gives you a handle on churn, making it easy to test hypothetical relationships between the various customer segments, behaviors, and churn events.

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Guarding from Threats Within and Outside the Business

As the Chief Information Security Officer you need to identify threats from within your firewall as well as suspicious activity on the Web. For that you need full situational awareness and the ability to rapidly interrogate data to investigate incidents and improve your understanding of what is happening on your network. Platfora’s flexible, self-service approach enables you to adjust the questions you are asking based on rapidly changing behaviors and external factors, enabling timely and appropriate incident response. Platfora provides the tools you need to make the right call as to the nature of the threat and how to respond to it.
  • Infiltration Platfora enables you to consolidate data from every device on your network to audit for compliance with virus and malware protection policies. Visual analysis of activity log data provides immediate and high-impact evidence of suspicious upload or download activity.
  • Exfiltration Entities that misrepresent themselves on the Web, or that use resources in non-standard and suspicious ways, or that attempt inappropriate access of your internal systems all leave a trail of their activity if you know where to look. With Platfora, you can synthesize all needed Web data sources to get an accurate picture of what is happening outside the firewall that may represent a threat to your business.

All Analytics Users

Staying Ahead in an Era of Rapid Change

Whatever your business, whatever your role, you need answers to support critical business decisions. In today’s environment, your access to reliable answers is challenged both by the volume of data your business is contending with and the complex mix of machine, customer, and human interaction data in which the data presents itself. Traditional SQL tools collapse at those scales, and do not provide the means to join the disparate data types together. Moreover, trying to keep traditional EDW systems and BI tools in line with those challenges represents a massive drain on human and financial resources. Platfora represents a true alternative to the traditional approach, providing intuitive self-service analytics capability for business users directly from Hadoop. Platfora provides full ecosystem support for the Apache Hadoop community — including support for Amazon Web Services, Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, and Pivotal — which provides your business security in its Hadoop investments and allows you to access the latest additional Hadoop features. No matter how massive the datasets or varied the data types, Platfora enables you to leverage and explore a comprehensive, consolidated view of your business to find the answers you need.