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See how enterprises are using Big Data Analytics to transform how they make business decisions and accelerate results. Get started or get inspired with these examples across multiple industries and use cases including customer analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), and network security.

Customer Analytics

Sample Use Cases:

  • Omni-Channel Pathway Optimization
  • Purchase Affinity Analysis
  • Customer Churn Analysis
  • Marketing Channel Effectiveness
  • Merchant Offers
The growth of your business can be measured by a number of different indicators: revenue, profits, market share; but ultimately, your business grows one customer relationship at a time. As you know only too well, such relationships do not appear out of thin air. They require planning, nurturing, and constant attention.

Insight for Each Stage

Platfora’s end-to-end Customer Analytics solution brings insight to each stage of the customer lifecycle. Beginning at the prospecting and qualification stage, you can analyze multiple channels: comparing performance on diverse and complementary goals, revealing which channels are most effective with which segments, and making costs per outcome explicit. From there, Platfora enables analysis of lead or customer conversions across all channels, interactions, and behaviors – enabling you to pinpoint the most (and least) effective touchpoints and to adjust your sales and marketing strategy accordingly. Next, you can explore the hidden complex of customer preferences and affinities which enable your business to optimize up-sell and cross-sell opportunities as they arise. Finally, Platfora provides the tools you need to identify and mitigate the risk of customer churn: keeping the customer lifecycle from ending before its time.

Internet of Things

Sample Use Cases:

  • Product Telemetry
  • User Experience Optimization
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Warehouse Management
  • Utility Usage Analysis
  • Traffic and Parking Control
  • Fleet Management
  • Telemedicine
The era of the Internet of Things has begun. The reach of the online world is rapidly extending into the real world, bringing it to life as machines, products, equipment, tools, locations, personal items, and even clothing become producers and consumers of data along with the rest of us.

A Whole New World

With Platfora, your business can make sense of this new highly connected world and the ocean of machine data that describes it. Platfora enables you to combine telemetry, sensor data, remote monitoring, and customer behavioral data into a unified view of your business that has never been available before. Perhaps you need to track products in a warehouse or as they make their way through the various distribution channels, looking for the logistical variables that mean the difference between satisfied and unsatisfied customers. Or maybe you have a fleet of vehicles whose efficient operation determines whether your business succeeds or fails. Or you might need to manage utility or other resource usage across a large geographic expanse. Whatever the need — whether it is managing parking and traffic or providing diagnosis and treatment options via telemedicine — Platfora supports Internet of Things analysis to improve business processes, uncover new business models, and reduce costs and risk.

Network Security with Platfora Big Data Analytics

Sample Use Cases:

  • Incident Response
  • Situational Awareness
  • Advanced Malware Detection
  • Patch and Version Management
Improvements in firewall, encryption, monitoring, tracking, and alerting capability reflect the rapid evolution of responses to an exponentially growing collection of potential threats. The number of threats that businesses face is growing even as the threats themselves are evolving to become more sophisticated, more elusive, and more powerful. Increasingly, intrusions into your network are designed to fly under the radar, making it extremely difficult to detect in a proactive or timely manner using traditional tools. By the time you know the bad guys have gotten in, they have done some or all of the damage they set out to do.This low and slow approach costs enterprises hundreds of millions of dollars in damages each year. With each new threat comes a new defense or a new fix. And with each security enhancement come new data points, new parameters, and new decisions that must be made. The result is a deluge of data, from protection systems and devices on your network accessing a wide array of data sources. And it’s all coming at you fast. Platfora’s Big Data Analytics capability can serve as a major strategic asset for protecting your network from both known and emerging threats. Increasingly, network security requires accessing as complete a picture of the relevant data as possible. You don’t want to miss detecting the one event out of millions (or even billions) that indicates a security breach has happened. And you can’t afford not to find a pattern that indicates such a breach is currently in progress. Unfortunately, with the slow and patient approach malicious actors are taking, those patterns tend to be subtle and frequently can only be recognized over time. You may need access to 60 or 90 days of data (or more) to conduct the appropriate analysis. Traditional BI and analytics infrastructures can’t handle these kinds of data volumes. Leveraging the power of Hadoop, Platfora provides an affordably scalable solution that gives your organization a comprehensive view for detecting both basic and advanced threats.

Old Threats And New Threats

Platfora’s accessible self-service analytics can close the gap in the protection offered by standard commercial systems. These systems, which often represent a significant security investment for the organizations that use them, leverage rules and defined behavioral signatures to detect known threats (viruses, malware, etc.) Over time, even the best of these systems are unable to stay current with the broad range of rapidly evolving threats to your network. Platfora enables you to seamlessly augment these systems with customized analytics relating to new threats. With Platfora, you can keep your network secure through an enhanced ability to monitor traffic, behavioral, and other data for the tell-tale signs of malicious intent. While third-party systems provide significant protection from known threats, they do not address advanced, emerging risks. Platfora’s Big Data Analytics capability can serve as a practical and effective vehicle for advanced threat detection: providing accessible statistical analysis on massive, long-term datasets to identify risks as they emerge. Rather than having to look for third-party solution after the damage is done, Platfora lets you take the lead in protecting your network.

Threats From The Inside And The Outside

To ensure security the security of your organization and its network, you must identify threats from within your firewall as well as suspicious activity on the Web. Platfora provides the tools you need to make the right call as to the nature of the threat and how to respond to it:
  • Infiltration – Platfora enables you to consolidate data from every device on your network to audit for compliance with virus and malware protection policies. Visual analysis of activity log data provides immediate and high-impact evidence of suspicious upload or download activity.
  • Data Loss Prevention – Entities that misrepresent themselves on the Web, or that use resources in non-standard and suspicious ways, or that attempt inappropriate access of your internal systems all leave a trail of their activity if you know where to look. With Platfora, you can synthesize all needed Web data sources to get an accurate picture of what is happening outside the firewall that may represent a threat to your business.
  • Advanced Network Security Analytics provide you better situational awareness with a complete understanding of the behaviors on your network by analyzing TB and PBs of machine + device data with self-service, agile access

Platfora supports full situational awareness via the ability to rapidly access all of the necessary data to investigate incidents and improve your understanding of what is happening on your network. Platfora’s flexible, self-service approach enables you to adjust the questions you are asking based on rapidly changing behaviors and other factors, enabling timely and appropriate incident response. Platfora provides the tools you need to to make the right call as to the nature of a malware or other threat and how to respond to it. Platfora provides the insight you need to make the right call, protecting your customers and your business.

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