Transforming business by knowing more.

Unlock insights, make more meaningful decisions, and produce better outcomes.

Big Data Analytics is transforming how businesses unlock insights, make more meaningful decisions, and produce better outcomes—across multiple industries and for specialized roles within organizations.

Security Analytics | Customer Analytics | Internet of Things

Security Analytics

Win against targeted attacks by quickly discovering patterns and anomalies across petabytes of data.

Traditional security solutions are typically built to detect threats in real time and can only analyze historical data sets of up to 30 days in size, often missing key irregularities that may have occurred outside a single incident.

Customer Analytics | Platfora

As a Security Analyst, Platfora enables you to ask the right questions of big data, so you can discover attack sequences and understand the impact of data breaches on your business. Platfora allows you to:

Transform and connect multi-structured data.

Easily connect and transform once disparate datasets like security, IT, user and business data.

Analyze petabytes of data at scale.

Quickly detect patterns of attack sequences by analyzing years of data (petabyte scale) vs. months of data.

Derive visual insights and iterate in minutes.

Visually understand the patterns of advanced cyberattacks and iterate at the speed of thought.

Customer Analytics

Today companies are capturing information about customers at every touch point, but the reality is that most companies are working with siloed marketing data because they’re using disparate tools to track offline, web, social, mobile, and advertising data.

Platfora allows you to gain a holistic view of your customer’s journey by letting you:

Understand your audience better than you ever have before.

Platfora uncovers hidden relationships and drivers that lie behind the standard attributes normally used for segmentation, enabling deep behavioral analysis that gets at why your audience makes the choices they make.

Ask unlimited questions against your data.

Platfora’s intuitive visual interface makes it easy for marketing professionals to follow hunches, test theories, and basically just keep refining their search until they find exactly what they are looking for—all with no coding required.

Reap the benefits of economies of scale.

With Platfora, you can analyze 100% of your data, enabling you to identify more accurate insights over time while giving you the confidence that you’re making the right decisions.

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The Internet of Things

The online world is quickly bleeding over into every part of our offline reality—from machines and equipment to products and locations, even the personal items we all carry with us.

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Volume meets variety

Internet of Things Analytics with Platfora enables you to combine and work with large amounts of data from this new world in ways that have never been possible before. This capability includes all kinds of data:

Product Telemetry

Product telemetry

Connected Devices

Connected devices

User Experience

User experience

Medical Devices

Medical devices

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring

Utility Usage

Utility usage

Traffic Parking

Traffic and parking control

Fleet Management

Fleet management



Increasing operational efficiency, managing disparate resources, tracking multidimensional user data—Platfora enables organizations to improve processes, uncover new models, manage risks, and reduce costs.

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