Platfora Big Data Analytics.
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The only end-to-end solution native on Hadoop.

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When everyone can run analyses across the entirety of your organization’s data— transactions, customer interactions, and machine data—amazing things happen. You move from limited answers to actionable insights. As the #1 native Big Data Analytics platform for Hadoop, Platfora makes knowing possible.

The only complete solution out there.

Platfora is the only end-to-end software platform to run natively on Hadoop and provide raw data preparation, in-memory acceleration, and rich visualizations to better share insights.

Processing and Analysis

Ask more of your data. Much more.

See and work with 100% of your data in your Hadoop data lake and beyond—not just a subset—whatever its volume, variety, or velocity.

Hadoop Big Data Analytics | Platfora

Deeper understanding. No developers needed.

Get insight into your organization’s most important issues in hours, not weeks or months. Question everything, get deeper understanding, and free IT from the busywork. No developers required.

Big Data Tools | Platfora

Freely explore your data.

Platfora’s in-memory lenses ensure instant access to the data that you need, allowing you to mash it together in new ways and to answer your toughest questions.

Work smarter and more collaboratively.

Empower Business Analysts with easy-to-use but robust sharing and workflow tools.

Platfora Your Way

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Diagnosing Opportunity in Healthcare's Big Data