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Riding The Platfora Rocketship


We work hard, we’re passionate about what we do, and we also like to play together — whether it’s a weekly beer bash, watching the World Cup in our kitchen, or having a well known cover-band rock out for an impromtu team event. (In other news, we also have an R&D project underway to create crystal-clear ice for the perfect Old Fashioned.)

Back to work. Or, at least, your interview with us. You can expect to be technically grilled. At the end of his interview, one candidate recently told me of his experience, “…it was grueling…and I LOVED it!”  We will challenge your thinking. We want to hear what you would do differently, with 20/20 hindsight and more experience under your belt.

You can expect whiteboarding, quizzing on your previous successes and failures (often our best learning experiences), and gaining an understanding of what you want to do “next”. You want Platfora to be your last stop before you do your own thing? We love to hear that kind of drive and vision.

And once you get on board, the challenges will not stop. The other morning, I was in the elevator with one of our Distributed Systems Engineers, Usman. He told me he woke up early when a solution hit him to a tough problem he’d been working on. He couldn’t wait to get in and whiteboard it up with the team. Our office is a constant hum of activity, people collaborating in the hallways and every corner of whiteboard, kicking around big ideas over lunch and learning from and challenging each other.

At Platfora, we embrace collaboration and ambitious ideas, and make them reality. Everything we do furthers the goal of creating the defining Big Data Analytics company of our generation — and we have fun doing it. Together.

It’s not easy to build universe-busting technology…but it is the right place, for a select few. If you feel that this sounds like “you,” then we want to hear from you! Join us on our journey ahead by applying now.

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