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Platfora Meets John Chambers and Padmasree Warrior


We were thrilled to announce in March that Cisco was a part of our Series C funding, so naturally we jumped at the chance to show-off our Big Data Analytics solution at the CiscoLive! conference this week.

Platfora was featured in the popular Cisco Investments booth, where we showcased our security and customer analytics solutions to eager attendees.

Today, CISOs must defend against advanced threats that are designed to fly under the radar – the “low and slow” ones which are difficult threats to detect using traditional tools. It is vital for CISOs to get the big picture from their combined datasets in Hadoop – data from routers, IDS/IPS, firewall, AV, email and endpoints.

During our discussions with attendees, we displayed Platfora’s self-service access capabilities that are greatly valuable to CISOs. The Platfora Big Data Analytics platform provides the ability for companies to gain insights that are needed in order to respond quickly and gain better situational awareness across all their datasets.

We also featured our customer analytics solution, which gets CMOs, CPOs, and line of business executives insight into each stage of the customer lifecycle. They can analyze multiple channels and gain visual insights from clickstream, social media, mobile, transactional, CRM data and more.

Consistently, we have received rave reviews from customers and prospects as they utilize Platfora’s self-service access across multiple datasets without IT intervention. We consistently hear from customers about their ability to drive business development once they realize that Platfora is a full-stack solution that allows line of business to do analysis and visualizations in a single platform.

In fact, Padmasree Warrior, John Chambers and many more executives stopped by our booth to learn about our #1 Big Data Analytics platform. Looking ahead, we’re excited about the opportunities to partner throughout Cisco and the ecosystem.

A special shout out and thank you to Tod and Janey from Cisco Investments – you made the event fun and absolutely memorable.

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