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Marketers Beware


As a VP of Marketing I know first hand that marketers need big data to drive marketing ROI. These days there are a million products claiming to give you everything you need to know about your audience, but can they deliver? In my experience, here are some things that you need to watch out for when it comes to marketing analytics:

Small data

Some tools spit out pretty pictures to provide insights based on a subset of data. This can be misleading and dangerous. According to Forrester Research, “Most companies estimate they’re analyzing a mere 12% of the data they have…missing out on data-driven insights hidden inside the 88% of data they’re ignoring.” Can you imagine how much better you would understand your customer journey and behavior if you had insights across ALL your data?

Legacy Tools and Data Silos

Marketers use disparate tools to track online, offline, web, social, mobile, call center, machine data, etc. Today, we’re capturing information about customers at every touchpoint. The new world of data is multi-structured. Data is coming in many forms, in many sizes, and at increasing speed. The problem is that most of the tools that claim to be “big data” can’t incorporate all of these various datasets. Without a solution that brings all of the different kinds of data together, the data remains isolated. How then can you ask the questions that make the deep connections across the data, questions like: “How did my marketing campaign affect my product’s user experience?”

At Platfora, we know that marketers desperately need true Big Data Analytics. In order to understand the holistic journey of your customers, you need an easy-to-use, self-service, iterative, and scalable platform built for multi-structured data. Platfora’s Customer Analytics platform empowers you to:

1) Understand your customers better than you ever have before

You can analyze a wide variety of customer characteristics with advanced segmentation analysis. Platfora uncovers hidden relationships and drivers that lie behind the standard attributes normally used for segmentation, enabling deep behavioral analysis that gets at why customers make the choices they make.

When Auto Trader adopted Platfora, they were looking for a way to map the online behavior of potential auto shoppers to advertising messages and other external factors. What makes the difference between a casual browser and somebody who is about to buy a car?
“Platfora Big Data Analytics has enabled us to quickly understand precisely how advertising investments influence consumer behavior,” says Ed Smith, CTO of Auto Trader. “We are now able to easily integrate and visualize TV spot data, fine-grained web site traffic metrics on and car dealer inventory to better understand the influence on the consumer’s journey.”

2) Reap the benefits of economies of scale

With Platfora, you can analyze 100% of your data, enabling you to identify more accurate insights over time while giving you the confidence that you’re making the right decisions. Best of all, you can get up and running with Platfora within days vs. months.

TUI Travel, one of the world’s leading providers of leisure travel services, turned to Platfora when they realized that they needed a solution that would open up all of their data, which was stored in various systems across a wide number of locations. They needed a solution that would enable them to put together timely and well-priced travel packages and to customize offerings to individual customers and groups of customers.

“Platfora not only accelerates our results – some analytics tasks which once took weeks can now be completed in 20 minutes – it allows us to do things which before were simply not possible,” says Dr. Karl Geiger, Innovation, Data and Tools at TUI Travel. “ Instant access to all available data puts vital information into the hands of our business decision makers and enables us to bring unprecedented value to our customers.”

3) Ask unlimited questions against your data

Platfora is a self-service, iterative, and fast platform that encourages you to ask new questions about your data. Platfora’s intuitive visual interface makes it easy for marketing professionals to follow hunches, test theories, and basically just keep refining their search until they find exactly what they are looking for – all with no coding required.

With data volumes growing exponentially and a team of five SQL power users supporting dozens of business analysts, Edmunds knew it needed a new approach for gaining insight on customer behavior for their online automobile shopping service. Their analysts were taking on some very tough questions:

  • How do cash-back incentives perform based on clickstream behavior?
  • How do incentives tie into vehicle availability?
  • What is the relationship between purchase numbers and the number of ads served for visitors in a given ZIP code?

Edmunds chose Platfora because it provided these analysts with direct access to the data, enabling them to find answers to critical business questions without IT support.

“The users recognized the power of Platfora immediately, literally within seconds of using it,” said Gregory Rokita, senior director of software architecture at Edmunds.

Leading organizations such as Citi, Comcast, DirecTV, Disney,, Opower, Riot Games, Vivint and TUI Travel are using Platfora. Get in touch with us to uncover the possibilities with Big Data Analytics for your marketing organization.