April 8, 2014

Don’t Gamble with Your Big Data Assets in the Fact-Based Economy

Theresa Vu


We’re just back this week from the Gartner Business Intelligence and Analytics Summit 2014 in Las Vegas.

Admittedly, we spent some time at the craps and blackjack tables where we gambled our money, but in the sessions we learned not to gamble with our big data assets.

During the workshop sessions and one-on-one analyst briefings, we consistently heard Gartner analysts discuss the shift from operational business intelligence to analytics that is empowering data-driven decision-making for business users across the enterprise. Some of the core capabilities for analytics highlighted by Gartner analyst Josh Parenteau during his tutorial session “The Fundamentals of a BI and Analytics Platform” included:

  • Interactive visualization and data discovery in addition to existing OLAP capabilities
  • Self-service code-free data mashup, modelling, and transformation for business users
  • Native support for big data sources such as Hadoop

The fact that 2014 is the year that enterprises (large and small) will start to achieve real value from big data was further underscored by Gartner analyst Merv Adrian in his session “Big Data and the Analytic Art of the Possible.” Merv discussed how big data technologies such as Hadoop are driving new business opportunities with the number one business driver being enhancing customer experience. He concluded the session by listing specific real world use cases in financial services to manufacturing to oil and gas that will benefit from the ability to do analysis across diverse data sets.

Platfora also had a great kick-off at the Gartner BI Summit with Peter Schlampp, VP of Products, presenting on Big Data Analytics in the Fact-Based Economy to a packed theater session.

A special thanks to Gartner analysts Nick Heudecker and Kurt Schlegel for joining our dinner on Tuesday night that included business leaders from Allergan, Bose, HBO, General Mills, Fidelity and other leading enterprises who are on their Big Data Analytics journey. We learned about several forward looking use cases from in-patient hospital care to cross-channel supply chain management.

It was a great week meeting customers, prospects, and analysts. The keynotes and sessions provided insightful learning opportunities. We’re back home now with our wallets a bit lighter but our big data assets still fully intact.

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