June 18, 2014

CISOs Need A Big Data Analytics Platform

Kristin Potts


Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) need more technology to keep up with the “low and slow” method that cybercriminals use to siphon data from enterprise networks.

Last December, mainstream America had a wake-up call after learning about the widespread network security breach that victimized as many as six major retailers nationwide, affecting over 100 million people, putting millions of credit cards at risk and exposing the Personal Identifying Information of over 70 million.

The number of potential threats that enterprises face is growing, even as the threats themselves are evolving to become more sophisticated, more elusive, and more powerful. Whether it’s protecting consumer data or a company’s intellectual property, security chiefs need to take all of the precautions to effectively analyze all of their network security data and investigate any anomaly rapidly.

Next Tuesday, at 9:00am Pacific, we are sponsoring a webinar Identifying Cyber Crime with Big Data Analytics, presented by Wayne Wheeles, Founder of Release2Innovation, and Chris Oshiro, Principal Solutions Architect for Platfora. Wayne and Chris will speak to the transition occurring with network security today, and how using a big data analytics platform will augment your existing systems and to open up whole new levels of security capability not previously available.

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