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In Case You Missed It – GoPro Video Recap of Strata Conference


This activity was in stark contrast to a year ago, when the conference show floor had less enterprise attendees, and most of the big data sessions were theoretical rather than practical. This year, it was clear that the big data conversation has evolved from installing the base layers of infrastructure – usually Hadoop – to adding analytics applications on top of it in order to start deriving business value and competitive advantage.

To give you a glimpse of the Strata conference activity, we sent a video crew out with GoPro cameras to capture some of the action. The three-minute recap is below.

Should you Boil the Big Data Ocean with Hadoop?

To help attendees understand what is possible with Big Data Analytics, there were plenty of real-world case studies in the sessions, including Jawbone and LinkedIn. In addition, our very own Ben Werther from Platfora and Sanjay Mathur from Silicon Valley Data Science led a session on applications and infrastructure planning, centered on how Hadoop fits into the big data analytics stack.

The main takeaway is that Hadoop is an incredible platform. But when it comes to boiling the ocean – combining massive data stores with high-octane analytics – Hadoop is often part of the solution, but not a complete solution in and of itself. Ben and Sanjay explain why you will likely need to leverage other computing platforms and applications that are not in the Hadoop ecosystem. You can view their 35-minute discussion in the video below.