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Breaking Glass: Platfora Goes The Extra Mile To Unearth Key Customer Data

I’m backing Platfora because I believe in the company’s mission of making big data accessible to everyone, quickly, allowing them to interrogate enormous amounts of data in a visual iterative manner. Platfora Big Data Analytics 3.0 lets businesses dig deep into their Hadoop data stores to see patterns and correlations, across all of this data, between behavior, actions and results.

Want to know who your best customers are? What they’re buying? Where they come from? Platfora’s new technology can help you find out. Just as companies like Cognos and Business Objects built first-generation, business-intelligence systems years ago on top of traditional databases like those from Oracle and IBM, Platfora is leading the way in defining big data analytics on top of Hadoop. The use-cases enabled by big data analytics go beyond what was ever possible with BI and will be game-changing for any business that can obtain (or lose) competitive advantage through its data – in industries from e-commerce to financial services to media to retail. The winners will be those fact-based enterprises whose users can ask deeper questions and correlate behavior across all of their channels of data (web clicks, mobile, transactions, social data, sensors, etc).

It is early days in this industry, but I continue to be excited about Platfora’s progress. My partners and I have been fans of Platfora CEO Ben Werther ever since he pitched us last year and accidentally knocked over a glass of water during our meeting, shattering the glass on a microphone. Werther, though, didn’t miss a beat and kept right on talking, noting that “sometimes you have to break some glass to get things done.” I couldn’t agree more.

Roger Lee is General Partner at Battery Ventures