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Big Data Analytics is Hot at Strata This Week – Here Are the 5 Events You Can’t Miss


If your organization is getting serious about Big Data Analytics, or have a project underway, here are five stops (in addition to the Platfora booth) that you should add to your schedule this week:

1. Jawbone Case Study: Using Small Data to Increase the Value of Big Data
Creating value from big, messy data sets can be a daunting task. The session introduces the Sidekick Pattern: using small, curated data to increase the value of Big Data. Drawing on lessons from data science for Jawbone‘s UP fitness tracker, we will see how smart selection of data sidekicks can accelerate analysis, solve cold start problems, and simplify complicated data pipelines.

2. The LinkedIn Approach to Information Visualization for Large-Scale Data Workflows
Senior Data Scientist Michael Conover will discuss the role that information visualization technologies play in the LinkedIn data science ecosystem, and explore best practices for understanding the structure of large-scale data in a production environment. Broken down into clear, structured insights based on proven technology and workflow patterns, this talk will help you understand how to apply information visualization to the analytical challenges you encounter every day.

3. On Building an Enterprise Data Platform
Our friends John Akred, Richard Williamson, and Stephen O’Sullivan at Silicon Valley Data Science have extensive real-world experience on constructing enterprise data platforms – perhaps the most in the industry. They will cover the essential components of architecting a data platform, and then explain how the various parts of the Hadoop and big data ecosystem fit together in production to support batch, interactive and real-time analytical workloads.

4. Practical Advice: You Don’t Need to Boil the Big Data Ocean With Hadoop
Hadoop is an incredible platform. But when it comes to tapping new and old sources of data, and obtaining clear analytical insights, you will likely need to leverage other computing platforms and applications that are not in the Hadoop ecosystem. See Platfora’s own Ben Werther and Sanjay Mathur of Silicon Valley Data Science discuss practical applications of big data, and examine what’s working and what isn’t across a variety of companies and industries.

5. Not Your Typical VC Panel
Mike Dauber from Battery Ventures has assembled a distinguished panel of experts who know what to look for when investing in big data. It’s sure to be a lively, engaging discussion.

Bonus #6. Visit Platfora at Booth 308
If you can’t make the Platfora session on Wednesday, be sure to find us in the Exhibit Hall on Tuesday through Thursday to see Platfora 3.0 Big Data Analytics, and how we’re helping customer-facing organizations analyze customer interactions, transactions, and machine data. You’ll have an opportunity to engage with members from our engineering, product, and field services teams about how we fit into your big data strategy. Stop by for a cup of coffee, a snack, or a cocktail – we want to talk with you.