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Big Data is so 2013. This Year, Platfora is Seizing the Tiny Data Opportunity.


First, we took on big data with native Hadoop support.  And today, we’re going small. Tiny, in fact.

That’s right.  Today Platfora is happy to announce Platfora Tiny Data Analytics™ for MS-DOS.  You see, now that we’ve had a GA product for over a year, we’ve realized that the data problems our customers are facing aren’t exactly what we thought – it turns out they’re already considering way more information than necessary to make business decisions.  Overwhelmed by today’s enormous data sizes, they’re dreaming of the days when they could actually put in a work order in the IT department to restore tape backups from 25 years ago and drop 80286 PC compatible machines at every desk, with a Token-Ring network to allow them to access their IBM S/370-XA mainframe.

Platfora Tiny Data Analytics™ requires less than 640K of memory, which should be enough for anyone and supports our smaller-is-better-vision.  Who would want to worry about managing HIMEM.SYS anyway?  It’s not like they need to consider megabytes of data when making business decisions anyway.

A new, high-contrast 256-color SVGA palate with a black background is our new default so that your insights pop, and to avoid any burn-in problem on your CRT monitor.  For customers with higher color requirements, or those that just have to have a full GUI, we’re also announcing support for the Amiga OS, with its 4096-color palate.  We wanted to support the Commodore 64 as well, but just couldn’t get everything working in only 64K of memory – sorry Commodore fans!


Since there aren’t a ton of browsers available for MS-DOS and we weren’t interested in building a thick client, we’re also shipping the new monoChrome™ browser to organizations using Platfora, completely free.  This new browser not only supports our new color palettes, but also a grey-scale mode to bring some nuance to the obvious insights you could come to, with the previous version of the product.  We could go on and on about the benefits of this new web browser and it’s amazing blinking text, but we’ll leave that for you to discover on your own.

Current customers can contact Platfora today to get their free upgrade to Platfora Tiny Data Analytics™, but if you’re like me, you’re really excited to play with our new platform, even without firing up an MS-DOS system.  With that in mind, we’ve shipped a preview within Platfora 3.0 that you can enable with a few quick keystrokes.  All you need to do is fire up your browser, log into Platfora, and press:


Next thing you know, you’ll be off and running with the next evolution of Platfora.  Let us know what you think.

When Keith McClellan is not goofing it up for April Fools’ Day, he leads up Federal Engineering at Platfora, and has been focused on Big Data and related technologies for most of his career. If you’re interested in his random musings, he tweets @keithmcc and occasionally writes for the Platfora blog.