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Announcing Platfora Big Data Analytics 3.6


We’re excited to announce general availability of Platfora version 3.6. The new release is focused on enhancing our Vizboard user experience, as well as scalability and performance. In this blog post, I’ll touch on two key features for making Big Data Analytics an iterative and collaborative process for business users: Multi-Dimensional Drilling and Vizboard PDF Publishing.

Let’s take a deeper look at each.

Multi-Dimensional Drilling

Multi-Dimensional Drilling enables iterative analysis by allowing business analysts to drill into any dimension (that is, data attribute) from within the current chart or cross-tab. Adding a drill path to a dataset enables Vizboard users to drill down to more granular levels of detail. You can define drill paths by specifying a hierarchy of dimension fields. For example, a Product drill path might include such attributes as Category, Type, and Model. With each of those dimensions defined in the path, a Vizboard user can drill seamlessly from product data into these defining attributes. How deeply the user can drill into the data depends on the granularity with which you have specified the dimension fields available in the dataset.

Let’s take a look at an example. A retail company using Platfora is interested in analyzing total revenue per year. The analyst wants a deeper view and hovers over the chart. The Vizboard indicates which data is drillable:

Multidimensional Drilling

By double clicking, the analyst drills deeper into the data while staying within the current chart. The analyst can now explore the average revenue in 2013 broken down into quarters, with the option of drilling further into the data as required:

Multidimensional Drilling

Multi-Dimensional Drilling is also available in cross-tabs. For example, if the analyst is looking at a cross-tab of product line sales and wants to analyze camping equipment sales in the Americas they can double click on that cell within the table to get a breakdown of the data on those two dimensions:

Multidimensional Drilling

From there the analyst has the option to drill deeper into the data for further analysis; for example, they might want to break down camping equipment sales by country:

Multidimensional Drilling

Within the Vizboard framework, it is easy to quickly drill up to the original data at anytime by simply clicking the “x” marks in the filter.

Multidimensional Drilling

Vizboard PDF Publishing

At Platfora, one of our key objectives is democratizing big data. We know that it is critical for business analysts to easily share their insights across their organizations. The new Vizboard PDF Publishing feature allows business analysts to easily export Vizboards of interest in PDF form. A clear and attractive presentation of critical data is now available to anyone who needs it, requiring no access to Platfora or any other dedicated analytics environment.


In a future release, we will extend this concept by making it easy to email Vizboard PDFs or even schedule regular ongoing emails to a particular audience…all without ever having to leave the Vizboard environment.

Getting Value From Big Data Analytics

Platfora is the #1 native Big Data Analytics platform for Hadoop. Purpose-built for the new world of multi-structured data, Platfora puts big data directly into the hands of business users via self-service analytics. Platfora Big Data Analytics creates data-driven competitive advantage in the areas of security, marketing, finance, operations and the Internet of Things. Leading organizations such as Citi, Comcast, DirecTV, Disney,, Opower, Riot Games, Vivint and TUI Travel use Platfora.

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