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Hadoop Summit Recap: The 3 Things Business Users Want from Big Data Tools

3 Highlights from Hadoop Summit

In the conference showcase theater this year we encountered a steady number of technology professionals working on big data projects.  But the surprising trend was how many business leaders who were in search of big data tools themselves, and wanted hands-on demos of Platfora Big Data Analytics.

During our conversations with business people, it was clear that they had many interests in common with their technology teams.  But they placed a much higher priority on making big data analytics tools as easy to use, so that they are more accessible to a broader variety of non-technical employees.  Rolling up the hundreds of requests we heard, here are the three main themes:

1. Simplify the way people work with big data 

A company’s success lies in the ability for them to leverage all their machine, customer interaction and transaction data. For many organizations, the volume and velocity of big data is too complex and too broad to be useful on a daily basis.

If business users strive to get a consolidated view of their mission-critical data, big data can be simplified into meaningful analysis. For example, a head of product needs access to multi-structured data in order to analyze it in context with critical metrics. By implementing a full stack solution, they can gain insight into each stage of a customer lifecycle across all touchpoints.

2. Make Hadoop more accessible for everyday business users
According to Ken Rudin, Facebook’s Analytics Chief, “Hadoop is not enough for big data. The problem is that Hadoop is a technology, and big data isn’t about technology. Big data is about business needs.”

Hadoop can easily digest big data, but your enterprise needs IT intervention to connect all the data dots. Relying on IT makes it difficult for business users to make decisions in a timely fashion, which can cost businesses dearly. Platfora is native on Hadoop, so it makes the data stored in Hadoop easily and instantly available to all business users.

3. Access all your data at Scale
Enterprises want the ability to combine the volume, variety, and velocity of data at scale.

They need an agile and modern big data platform that will empower them to ask deeper questions of their data. With Platfora, companies are able to interact with big data at scale – in minutes, rather than months. The Platfora Big Data Analytics platform gives enterprises self-service, instant access to big data so that they can uncover new opportunities that were once impossible.

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Platfora is the #1 Big Data Analytics platform that runs natively on Hadoop. Platfora puts Big Data directly into the hands of line-of-business people through self-service analytics that help them uncover new opportunities that were once impossible across transaction, customer interaction and machine data, at scale.

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