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Fact-based Enterprise
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Big Data Analytics is here—and it’s enabling the Fact-Based Enterprise.

With Big Data Analytics, business users interrogate big data until it surrenders the facts needed to make truly informed business decisions. Users have instant self-service access to raw data, letting them ask deeper questions. They can correlate behavior and actions across multiple domains of data, such as clickstreams, mobile apps, social networks, sensors, and traditional databases. And the visualizations they create and share help reveal and convey the facts.

Companies without Big Data Analytics are forced to make decisions based on limited access to information. In essence, these companies are basing their biggest decisions on a gut-based decision—not real facts.

Industry blueprint for Big Data Analytics
Industry blueprint for Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics requires the seamless integration of three major components:

  • Rich analytics capabilities combine a broad range of analytic applications, visual processing, segmentation, security and more. Self-service analytics and collaboration tools extend fact-based decision making across the enterprise.
  • In-memory acceleration enables heterogeneous processing models based on user-defined data organization. Interactive querying along with dynamic and automatic abstraction make it easy to organize and slice and dice data iteratively.
  • Native, scalable Hadoop processing lets you leverage the raw processing power of Hadoop—without the need for MapReduce experts. Integrate with Hadoop-based extensions and clearly define data access permissions down to the field level.

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Interrogate your data with Platfora Big Data Analytics

Interrogate your data with Platfora Big Data Analytics

Getting the Facts
is easier
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Let us show you how your business can say goodbye to decisions and actions based on fiction, feelings, and faith and become a true Fact-Based Enterprise with serious competitive advantage.

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