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The era of Big Data raises a host of issues for your business. Your organization might lack the infrastructure to handle the volume of data you’re facing, or maybe you’re unprepared for the velocity with which data moves through the system. Or you may be addressing only one variety of data, usually transactional data, and are unable to manage the full set of machine-generated and customer-interaction data which now accompany transactional data — and which frequently overwhelm it.

A big data solution may be the answer. But be careful. Without true Big Data Analytics capability, most of the information in a typical big data environment — Gartner estimates as much as 90% of it — remains locked away. In effect, many “big data” solutions are really just small data solutions, providing access not to the full set of data, but only to a subset. They give you the tip of the iceberg.

A true Big Data Analytics solution supports all of the major data types in whatever volume and at whatever speed they are encountered. In such an environment, business users have instant self-service access to raw data, meaning they can iteratively refine the questions they are asking until they find exactly the answers they are looking for. They can then easily create and share elegant visualizations to convey the facts to all interested parties — all without learning to program and without having to go to IT for help.

Big Data Analytics provides fresh and unexpected insights into your customers’ needs and actions by correlating their behavior across multiple domains of data, such as clickstreams, mobile apps, social networks, sensors, and traditional databases.

Big Data Analytics requires the seamless integration of three major components:

  • Rich analytics capabilities enable you to discover, visualize, and communicate meaningful patterns within data via powerful analysis and visualization tools. Self-service analytics and collaboration tools extend data-driven decision-making across the enterprise.
  • In-memory acceleration allows you to process data from various sources based on your own user-defined data organization. Interactive querying along with dynamic and automatic abstraction make it easy to organize and slice and dice data iteratively.
  • Native, scalable Hadoop processinglets you leverage the raw processing power of Hadoop—without the need for MapReduce experts. Integrate with Hadoop-based extensions and clearly define data access permissions down to the field level.

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