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We’re about big data for all. Once and for all.

Big data is going to change everything. Our goal at Platfora is to make it possible for everyone to know what their organization’s big data is telling them (even those of us without “Data Scientist” in our title). So if you see as much potential in all of these things as we do, if you have an appetite for helping others find more meaning and get more understanding, if you want to break new ground in a technology space that’s still being defined—then you should be here too.

Platfora - Simplifying Data Preparation with Enterprise Management Associates

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It takes an entire team of teams to pull off something bigger than themselves. Together we work hard,
we laugh a lot, we brainstorm nonstop, and we engage in some serious nerf football.

Top Ten Reasons For Joining Platfora.

We're About Wetware

People who work at Platfora say the biggest draw is the emphasis on “people first, last, and always.” We embrace new people, respect one another and don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Solve Complex Problems

Making big data 100% accessible for business users to analyze in real time is no easy task, given the 2.5 quintillion bytes of data the world creates every day. But that’s just what makes the work at Platfora so challenging and rewarding.

Take Me To your Leader

It's easy to find our leadership. In fact, our executive staff works in open cubes like everyone else, we hold frequent Town Halls, and our CEO provides lots of meeting downloads.

No Assholes

Just as not knowing something sucks, so too does working with jerks and bullies who demean and criticize others—especially their underlings. So we don't hire them. Ever.

We Think Big

Changing the market's approach to big data is an ambitious goal. Thinking big requires innovation, passion, and unconventional thinking. Where we work reflects this philosophy: open, office-free, and lots of room for collaborating.

Speak Up And Lean In

We're tackling problems others haven't been able to solve. That's why every voice matters at Platfora. Everyone is encouraged to speak his or her mind and, at the same time, be open and curious to learn from everyone else.

You Get To Own It

Like to work with integrity, take responsibility for your actions, and be treated as an adult? Perfect. So do we.

We're One Team

We're made up of unique and talented individuals, and we're successful because those talents work together. As a team, we deliver on the mission to fuse great technology with great design to transform our customer's business with data.

We Have Our Quirks

Whether it's bringing in a Mariachi band to celebrate launches or holding themed raps at All Hands meetings, we keep surprising one another.

Do Your Best Work

You'll get everything you need to do your best work—from a warm, trusting, and engaging work environment to cold beers on Friday afternoon happy hours. Count on world-class benefits and perks to keep you healthy and happy.

Know more. Do more. Benefit more.

Just as Platfora makes it easier to better understand the world around us,
we’re always working to make life better for everyone who works here.

We offer flexible PTO, top-shelf health plans, cover 100 % of the premium
for the employee's coverage, 401(k), and other key benefits. We have
satellite offices in the North and South Bay, to offset those crazy commutes.

And because no one changes the world on an empty stomach, there's food
at HQ. Lots of food. Catered lunches most days, a seemingly infinite

Want to do something big with your career?
Then go to a place where big matters.

We think Big Data Analytics is going to be massive, and we're going to have a lot
of fun proving it to the world.

And in the spirit of thinking big, we don't believe in "describing jobs". We'd
rather provide you with some insight into our teams and then discuss the profile
for success in each of our key roles.

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