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We are Big Data Analytics. We’re leading a revolution in the data industry, making the nearly-impossible effortless for every business.

If you have great ideas, boldly strive for innovation, and thrive in a high-energy atmosphere of teamwork, you’ve got our attention. We need your ability to view a problem from a unique angle, then help orchestrate a solution.

Great ideas don’t do any good sitting on the shelf. At Platfora, we embrace collaboration, take ambitious ideas, and make them real. Everything we do furthers the goal of creating the defining Big Data Analytics company of our generation — and we have fun doing it. Together.

If you love the idea that the software you build will transform leading companies across the planet into fact-based enterprises, check out our open jobs and make contact.

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Even more reasons to join us

  1. You won't go hungry

    We provide free lunch many days, and tasty snacks every day — and dinner sometimes too. We also have Friday cocktail hour — which we do realize technically isn't "food", but is a great time to unwind and socialize.

  2. We care about your commute

    Ride our complimentary shuttle from a Caltrain station. If you drive, no worries; we have plentiful free parking right outside our door.

  3. Love labbits?

    If you don't already, you will assuredly come to appreciate their funky, fuzzy, quirky personas. Trust us, it'll make more sense once you get here.

  4. You’ll benefit from our benefits

    Our goal is to give you everything you need to focus when you're here, and enjoy your time with family and friends when you're not. That includes top-drawer health benefits, 401K and more.




Favorite Office Snack
Gummi bears, pretzels, and whatever's on tap

Why Platfora?
love working with cutting edge technology for complex systems. Making it a compelling and effective tool for our customers is an irresistible challenge.

When not at Platfora I like to spend time
Reading, writing, hiking, and biking.




Favorite Office Snack
Salted cashews with hot coffee

Why Platfora?
I was amazed to see the passion about the work in everyone I met. And, I did not go wrong. It’s an excellent team to work with on a wonderful product.

When not at Platfora I like to spend time
I like listening to music, spending precious time with my family and "being a kid" with my kids.




Favorite Office Snack

Why Platfora?
It’s all about the team. I met the team and fell for it. Love at first sight.

When not at Platfora I like to spend time
Wait! There are things outside Platfora? Whoa!! <Brain Explosion>. On a serious note, I am a total geek, I usually work on some side project outside Platfora, read papers to catch up on the work we are doing at Platfora, or network with other geeks and startups.

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