We Never Say “I Don’t Know.”

You should know.TM

At a time when so much depends on being better informed, “I don’t know” has to be one of the most frustrating responses around. And yet “I don’t know” is everywhere. “I don’t know” touches everything.

We now have more data about more things, available to more people, than ever before. But at the same time, we’re overwhelmed by the volume and variety of all this data.

Knowing has become absurdly time-consuming. Meaning and understanding have become luxuries few can afford. And making decisions based on all the facts has become next to impossible.

Well, we believe it’s time for this situation to change.

We believe our ability to collect data should be equally matched by our ability to see, question, and analyze everything we collect.

We believe anyone who needs access to information should be able to get it, share it, and use it to make better decisions.

We believe that everyone who’s looking for insight into their most important business problems should have nothing standing in their way.

Because we believe “I don’t know” is actually the thing none of us can afford anymore.

The time for not knowing is over. An opportunity to better understand the world around us is here.

Today, more than ever…

You should know.™