Big data analytics Iceberg

Shatter the speed limit.
Right at your desk.

Go from raw data to real insight in minutes with the
analytics platform purpose-built for Big Data.*

*Without coding or ETL, data warehousing, BI tools, or breaking a sweat.

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Big data analytics Iceberg
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Are you seeing only the tip of the iceberg?

Chances are, yes. Only Platfora’s end-to-end platform makes it possible for everyone in your organization to see the whole picture. Now you can analyze all of your data to find actionable insights—and do it quickly, without burdening IT or an army of consultants.

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Banish not knowing from every corner of your business.

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Our Customers

Big companies taking advantage of big data.


Platfora makes it possible for key decision makers to tap directly into the power of Hadoop, enabling us to know more and make fact-based decisions that result in better customer experiences and increased business effectiveness.

Khai Tran

Senior Manager, Digital Media | Disney ABC


We believe that in the future, most decisions will be based on data. If we have the ability for every Edmunds employee to make decisions based on data, we will have a huge advantage over our competitors. Our users recognized the power of Platfora immediately, literally within seconds of using it.

Gregory Rokita

Senior Director of Architecture |


Without Platfora this effort would have been nearly impossible with our legacy business intelligence tools, and it would have cost significantly more money and time.

Ed Smith

Chief Technology Officer | Cox Automotive

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