Platfora Big Data Discovery.

The most complete platform on the planet.

Big Data Discovery

Know everything your big data is telling you with the platform that gives you everything. Platfora brings together traditionally separate tools—data prep, in-memory acceleration, BI, analytics, and visualization—to streamline big data analytics and simplify data discovery.


From data prep to visualization. All together now.

All you need for big data discovery, all in one place. Platfora is the leading full-stack big data discovery platform for Hadoop and Spark. We bring together traditionally separate tools to streamline and simplify data discovery.

Data Prep
In-memory Acceleration

Platfora is the only full-stack big data discovery solution.

“With Platfora, our business engagement managers can directly access our data warehouse.”
Meghann Lomas, Opower


Paint with numbers.
With drag-and-drop ease.

Bring complex data sets to life with compelling visualizations that are easy to create and share.

Big Data Analytics Platfora


Do-it-yourself big data discovery.

Platfora gives everyone the power to explore, analyze, and question your big data in real time. Access data and extract insights—without IT, a single line of code, or an army of consultants.

What’s my highest ROI channel using 7-day attribution?

Google Adwords

What’s my highest ROI channel using 30-day attribution?



Break the speed limit at your desk.

Ready. Set. Done. Platfora’s in-memory query engine and massive parallel processing architecture let you crunch petabytes of data at the speed of thought—your thoughts, that is.

“The platform is lightning fast, presents our data in a visually stunning way, and is surprisingly easy to use.”

Brandon Bunker, Vivint


See around corners and into the future.

Merge and mash up disparate datasets to spot trends, anticipate behavior, and ultimately, take action. Platfora is for people who are curious about data, want to solve really hard problems, and don’t feel that they get what they need from spreadsheets.

Find trends in Disparate datasets

Complete. Beautiful. Easy. Fast. Powerful.

Know more—see how Platfora can help you.

Platfora Your Way

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